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Top 5 Horrifying Deaths In Attack on Titan Anime

Top 5 Horrifying Deaths In Attack on Titan Anime

Attack on Titan is anything but a refreshing walk through the park. Hajime Isayama excels at making us attached to characters in the show before ruthlessly killing them off.

On one hand, that might be one of the specific highlights of the show that contributes to the reality of the Attack on Titan universe. On the other hand, it doesn’t make dealing with the deaths of these characters any easier.

Of course, these rankings are a little subjective and sometimes biased towards fan-favourite characters. But with an abundance of death and loss throughout the show, let’s take a look at some of the worst and most gruesome deaths in the show.

5) Bertholdt Hoover

It was midway into season 2 of Attack on Titan that Reiner and Bertholdt were revealed to be the Armored Titan and the Colossus Titan, respectively. But even then, Attack on Titan fans developed a soft spot for the tall, mild-mannered soldier.

So when season 3 pitted Armin’s life against his, fans were forced to swallow a bitter pill as they watched a decapitated Bertholdt being eaten by Armin in his pure Titan form.

4) Levi squad

Too many people in Attack on Titan get killed by titans, and just as many get killed by people. Levi Squad just happened to be one of them. While the assailant was technically a titan, Annie wiped out the entire elite squad in human form with just omni-directional mobility (ODM) gear and swords.

Their deaths are especially traumatizing, following the moment when Eren decides to trust them, instead of shifting into titan form to fight the Female Titan by himself. Levi finding their unnaturally hanging bodies and Petra’s lifeless definitely didn’t help.

3) Marco Bodt

Though not the healthiest way to cope with trauma, the dead Marco jokes have become something of a staple in the Attack on Titan community.

Another lovable character we all hoped to see more of, Marco’s death was both tragic and horrifying. Especially when we finally find out what led to him losing an arm-and-a-leg to a titan, quite literally.

Somehow the presence of Sasha, or even Farlan, in these memes makes it worse. Especially as the possibility of our hearts breaking apart like Wall Maria rises exponentially.

2) Hannes

A list of deceased Attack on Titan characters is incomplete without including Hannes. Eren’s mother, Carla’s death kickstarted the story. However, Hannes’ death was a double whammy of trauma for Eren and Mikasa, yet another definitive moment in the series.

Eren’s reaction to Hannes’ death was heartwrenching, with the raw and overwhelming pain in his voice giving fans goosebumps.

1) Faye Yeager

Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, some of the worst deaths characters in Attack on Titan have suffered has not been at the hands of titans.

One of the worst deaths in the series would easily be eight-year-old Faye Yeager being fed to a Marleyan officer’s dogs, all for the sin of being born as an Eldian. If that weren’t enough, Isayama subtly left a sinister feeling in for fans. They were left wondering what if that wasn’t all little Faye had to face before dying a pitiful death.

How do you think about these  five of the worst deaths in Attack On Titans? Find more amazing facts about Attack On Titan at our blog here!






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