Throughout Attack on Titan, Zeke Yeager was a pivotal character. He was the heir to the Beast Titan, one of the manga series’ most powerful characters. As a result, he fought in numerous battles against some of the world’s most formidable opponents. These battles were truly spectacular, and they did not go unnoticed. There’s something special about looking back at a character’s early fights after they’ve accomplished so much in the series.

These are Zeke’s ten first fights, ranging from being a child who Marley transformed into a warrior candidate to defeat their enemies to his role in causing the Rumbling to occur.

Marley’s Warriors Destroyed An Entire Nation

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After Zeke, Pieck, Marcel, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie inherited the Beast, Cart, Jaw, Armored, Colossal, and Female Titans, they were given the task of destroying a nation so Marley could see how powerful they were. Marley was impressed by Zeke’s pitching abilities, which allowed him to attack his enemies from afar by throwing debris at them.

Though little is known about this battle, it is believed to be the first time any of the warriors fought.

Zeke Allowed A Group Of Titans To Eat Mike

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Reiner, Annie, Bertholdt, and Marcel had not returned to Marley after years on Paradis, so Zeke and Pieck were sent to find them. Mike, Paradis’ second strongest soldier at the time, was one of the first people Zeke met there.

Mike, on the other hand, was too stunned to fight back when he met Zeke, who threw his horse at him before attempting to communicate with him. Zeke eventually ordered Mike to be killed by the normal titans who surrounded them.

Zeke Attacked Utgard Castle

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After turning the villagers of Ragako into titans, Zeke used them to attack the soldiers in Utgard Castle, including Reiner and Bertholdt. A couple of the soldiers there died, with Reiner, Bertholdt, Historia, and Connie only surviving because Ymir revealed that she was the inheritor of the Jaw Titan and rescued them, with the help of the Survey Corps.

Once they did, Zeke backed down and waited to fight the Survey Corps, while Reiner and Bertholdt turned their backs on their friends.

Zeke And Reiner Fought Each Other

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Now joining forces with his comrades again, Zeke disagreed with Reiner and Bertholdt on what they should do next in their war against Paradis.

Reiner and Bertholdt wanted to save Annie while Zeke wanted to fight the Survey Corps at Shiganshina, especially after learning that Eren was his younger brother. To decide what they would do, Zeke and Reiner fought each other, with the Beast Titan proving that he was stronger.

Zeke Killed Many Survey Corps Soldiers In Shiganshina And Fought Levi

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The Survey Corps fought against the Warrior Unit and sealed the hole in Shiganshina in order to reclaim all of Paradis from the titans. Zeke was able to trap his opponents, including Erwin, Floch, and Marlowe, during the battle. As a result, they all sacrificed themselves in the hopes of distracting Zeke while Levi killed him.

Zeke, on the other hand, noticed what was going on and fought humanity’s strongest soldier. He was almost killed when Levi was able to insert his blade into the Beast Titan’s mouth. The only reason he lived was because Levi hesitated to kill him and Pieck came to his aid.

The Warriors Defeated The Mid-East Allied Forces

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A few years after they returned to Marley from Paradis, Zeke and the other warriors helped their military defeat the Mid-East Allied Forces at Fort Slava. Zeke played a huge role in the ending of the war.

After Gabi destroyed the armored train, Zeke used his screaming abilities to transform Eldian prisoners into titans that ate his enemies. He also threw debris at their ships, taking down their navy.

Zeke Pretended To Fight The Survey Corps When They Invaded Marley

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Marley’s enemies were much closer than they thought as Eren had snuck went there, disguising himself as a patient, and instructed the Survey Corps to follow. When they did, the warriors and soldiers fought against each other again, and it seemed that Levi had finally killed the Beast Titan.

However, when the Survey Corps retreated, it was revealed that Zeke had deceived Marley for years and was able to start working with the Eldians in Paradis after their battle in Shiganshina.

Zeke And Levi Fought Again

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Though they had helped each other, Levi still didn’t trust Zeke at all. He kept him hostage in a forest, surrounded by a lot of soldiers. However, Zeke was able to trick the soldiers into drink his spinal fluid and turned them all into titans when the moment was right.

Levi had to kill his former comrades and fought Zeke after. While it seemed that Levi won the fight, Zeke was able to injure humanity’s strongest soldier and got away.

Zeke And Eren Fought The Warriors At Shiganshina

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The Marleyan military invaded Shiganshina in order to exact revenge on Paradis. The Yeager brothers attempted to communicate with one another in order to travel to the coordinate, but were attacked by the other warriors. Many Eldians in Shiganshina, including Falco, drank Zeke’s spinal fluid before the battle.

Falco ate Porco and inherited the Jaw Titan when he transformed them, allowing Eren to get closer to Zeke. Gabi, on the other hand, shot him in the head. Zeke was able to catch it, saving Eren, and they went inside the coordinate, but it ruined all of his plans.

Eren Controlled Zeke During The Rumbling

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When Eren and Zeke finally arrived at the coordinate, Eren revealed that he didn’t actually agree with Zeke’s plan to stop Eldians from being born. Instead, he convinced Ymir Fritz to start the Rumbling. As thousands of people died, Eren and Zeke’s former comrades teamed up with each other to stop Eren.

In their battle against him, Eren controlled Zeke, having him attack them when they caught up. When Zeke eventually gained control of himself again and left the coordinate, he allowed Levi to decapitate him.

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