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Attack on Titan: The end of the world

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is probably a familiar movie with the Otaku community in particular and Anime and Manga fans in general.

This is a long anime series with many interesting details, suitable for those who like to watch horror genres, fantasy or want to experience the unrealistic things through movies.

Attack on Titan has been a storm since its publication in 2009

Attack on Titan was adapted from a Manga of the same name by author Hajime Isayama, which had a great influence on the community shortly after its release.

Another name of the series is Shingeki no Kyojin , attracting the attention and love of many readers thanks to its creative story, thrilling content, and charismatic character creation. It can be said that this is a “bedside pillow” story book of Manga lovers at that time.

Following the success of the Manga, Attack on Titan has been adapted into an anime, not surprisingly, this adaptation has been a hit in neighboring Asia in particular and in other countries around the world. gender in general.

The film has made a strong impression on a large audience, both in form and content. Even the characters in this Anime are also made up of toy models, wall paintings or computer stickers, not rare things in the men\’s bedrooms.

The biggest strength in Attack On Titan is the content, set from hundreds of years ago, when humans had to fight the Titans, which were cannibal monsters to gain life.

Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan characters

Since the advent of Titan, humanity was almost completely destroyed, the few remaining had to live in seclusion, erecting walls of protection to avoid their attack.

Peace didn\’t last long when the Titan attacked humans

Talking about Titan, these monsters are giant creatures in the form of humans, brutally and brutally eating and devouring humans, they do not have all the body parts, lack of muscle. reproductive organs and digestive organs.

No one knows what substance it feeds on, because other than humans, it does not eat other animals. Moreover, Titan is able to heal very quickly, almost in the blink of an eye after being injured.

This monster seems invincible , but Titan still has a weakness in the back of the neck, just cutting the back of the neck will die without recovering.

Before the might of Titan, humans must rely on three protective walls to maintain peace and preserve life. The children born and raised in the next generation have almost never met a monster, only heard from the adults.

However, the peaceful life of a few people after a hundred years was broken by a Titan about 60 meters tall. No one knows what happened before, its appearance is a mysterious surprise that brings tragedy to mankind.

After the defenses were broken, in the face of the Titan\’s onslaught, humans fell into the tragedy of famine and death.


Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan season 2 poster

Titan at that time was considered a great threat to mankind, the most terrible threat of humanity.

 The military and Eren Yeager appearances in Attack on Titan 

In that context, the army was formed, divided into several branches to fight them. Before the Titan\’s surprise attack, many people had to die, children lost their fathers, wives lost husbands.

In it, a young boy named Eren Yeager witnessed his mother being eaten raw by a Titan but couldn\’t do anything, just like watching his mother\’s body crushed through the monster\’s teeth.

Painful and desperate, he vowed to kill all the Titans. So Eren joined the army with friends, including Mikasa Ackerman, the girl adopted by the Eren family and Armin Arlert, their best friend.

After joining the army, they fought together with Titan, assigned fierce tasks, sometimes with sacrifices for their lives. During a mission, Eren was eaten raw by a Titan in the presence of Armin.

But after a while, he returned as a Titan and helped the army fight. This also explains the question of Titan\’s appearance, it is humanized, for some reason some Titans can control their consciousness, but others cannot.

Before Eren\’s return as Titan, many conflicting opinions have been raised. Some thanked him for his return and help, others objected and considered him a danger to be eliminated.

After much controversy, he was allowed to stay and help the army regain Trost district, however, after the army recaptured the Trost district thanks to Eren\’s power, he was brought to court again and considered a danger mankind.

Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan dramatic sequences

But luckily for Eren, after the trial was over, he was put in the platoon of Captain Levi of the Scout corps with a special mission, led by captain Erwin Smith.

Expeditions and secrets were continuously exposed

After that, many battles and expeditions took place in a row, with Eren as the main character. Many mysteries of the earthquake have been turned up, the intrigue, deceitful lies that the royal family has long concealed are exposed to light.

At the same time, Eren and his friends\’ true identity and power are revealed. After a series of revealed secrets, Eren\’s group of friends are repeatedly faced with dilemmas, hesitating between their own strength and the survival of others.

Attack on Titan: The end of the world
Attack on Titan: The end of the world
A scene from an animated movie

But in the end, the insiders made a choice that no one expected.

Attack on Titan is not so great, but still offers many interesting experiences

Attack on Titan is a series of anime series with many interesting surprises, almost few people can guess what the next development of the movie will be, each segment is a surprise for the audience.

Adapted by  director Araki Tetsurō and aired Part One in early July 2013, sequels were announced a long time later.

Attack on Titan attracts the audience partly because of the rich and diverse soundtrack album, each song has its own style that makes the viewer not be stereotyped into a boring style of music, creating a lot. excitement for the author.

After its debut, the anime series has also been well received by many domestic and foreign audiences, as witnessed by many of its fan clubs on social media. Some YouTubers, who talk about this series on their channel, are gaining a growing number of followers after applying a few key tips for better YouTube video marketing, suggested by companies like The Marketing Heaven. Images of many characters appear more vivid and realistic than in comics, creating outstanding effects.

Attack on Titan is probably not a great anime, but it still attracts the majority of viewers.

The film not only brings interesting moments of experience, it also reflects the character\’s psychology very honestly, so that the audience can feel the pain as well as hesitation in matters that are not easy to resolve. of the characters in the movie.


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