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Attack On Titan: Origin of The Ackerman Family

In Attack on Titan, the Ackermans can access the fighting power and experience of their ancestors. This allowed them to get the strength of Titans without becoming one themselves. For a long time, the Ackerman family has been a mystery to readers and watchers of popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan. But recently, the manga’s creators cleared up all the family secrets – here’s everything we learned about them.

Attack On Titan: Origin of The Ackerman Family

Attack on Titan Ackerman family origin story

The Ackerman family was first introduced to Attack on Titan through Kenny and his nephew Levi. Kenny was the only mentor to young Levi whose mother passed away due to illness. From the get-go, Kenny was considered as a legendary in the Attack on Titan universe. Even he was nominated with the name “Kenny The Ripper”  owing to the brutality he subjected his victims to.

Levi received all sorts of training, from power to speed, from an early age. Now he becomes the strongest soldier in Attack On Titan, not to mention the most powerful Ackerman. Levi confirmed that his powers had awakened after learning more about his family. When he asked Mikasa whether hers had awoken, she replied that they had.

In Attack on Titan, Eren revealed to Mikasa the truth about her family’s history. The Ackerman family was created to create a race with the strength to protect Eldian royalty. People with Ackermander blood can activate their powers when they are given orders by someone serving as a Titan host.

Attack On Titan: Origin of The Ackerman Family

In the case of Mikasa, her power was activated when she was instructed to attack the robber by Eren. He speculates that her powers tie the two together, as he is the host who activated his powers and hers.

What exactly is a host?

The world of Attack on Titan does not have a clear definition of what a true host is. Eren is the only “host” with royal blood, but he doesn’t have royal blood. Mikasa serving him as a host is slightly suspicious. We do know that hosting something makes it stronger.

Given Eren’s drastic transformation, it seems like he knows something about the basement. With his violent outburst to Armin, I think that he knows more than what he is letting on to. Also, there is no doubting that Ackerman power may be host-binding.

Final thoughts

The Ackermans have been the most powerful family in the franchising since its beginning. But in line with what all show’s focus on, they have had a tragic backstory. Despite power’s varying levels between individuals, the Ackermans are collectively the strongest group in Attack on Titan.

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